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Self-Determination/Richard Thau

The Dutch firm MVRDV has just completed its latest project: the Book Mountain and Library Quarter, both part of a larger plan to breathe new life into the town of Spijkenisse, located within the Rotterdam metropolitan area. A series of commercial and community spaces are stacked into a pyramid-shaped structure, which is wrapped in a 480-meter-long bookcase. The glass fa├žades fully expose the library shelves, inviting people to step in and grab a book...

History is one of the few remaining book-based disciplines in the modern academy. The digital revolution represents by far the greatest threat to books and book reading—as well as their most likely salvation. Imperfect though they still are, ebook readers may yet enable books to survive in the digital age. The much bigger problem is that the long arguments and narratives on which the best history writing has always depended require many pages—many screens—to be absorbed, understood, and appreciated…..

A possible library-centric model for business/social media/internet platforms. The library field as a whole  should take a closer look at this model during these professionally driven evolutionary times. A special library/entrepreneurial model of operation is adopted by a developing and successful internet/information based company……

Library/Research On-Line/web based education continues to develop. Rutgers RIOT is an animated research tutorial. It plays like a five-part animated movie with each part featuring characters explaining an aspect of the research process: selecting a topic, finding sources, choosing keywords, identifying citations, and evaluating sources. There are text documents available to accompany the videos. Here are their five modules.

The Idea Box at Oak Park Public Library is a new experiment in community participation and library programming.  According to the website, the Idea Box “is an exciting participatory community space located right at the Main Library’s entrance.  The library agency is creating new experiences for  visitors by inviting them in to explore, learn, and play…

Good Reading: From Awareness to Funding: A study of library support in America, 2008. Though this study was based on data from the United States, there are findings in the report that could be applicable to any library seeking to understand the connections between public perceptions and library support.
Among the findings from the report:
  • Library funding support is only marginally related to library visitation
  • Perceptions of librarians are an important predictor of library funding support
  • Voters who see the library as a 'transformational' force as opposed to an 'informational' source are more likely to increase taxes in its support
The report suggests that targeting marketing messages to the right segments of the voting public is key to driving increased support for U.S. public libraries.
Download individual sections of the report without registering:

Today the existence of libraries in our midst is so much taken for granted that their significance as living institutions is almost lost to us. Why are libraries important, and why will they ever be so?

Libraries contain the heritage of humanity: the record of its triumphs and failures, its intellectual, scientific, and artistic achievements, and its collective memory. They are a source of knowledge, scholarship, and wisdom.
They are an institution, withal, where the left and the right, God and the Devil, are together classified and retained, in order to teach us what to emulate and what not to repeat. Libraries are, in short, the mirror held up to the face of humankind, the diary of the human race.
Libraries are not only repositories of past human endeavor, they are instruments of civilization. They provide tools for learning, understanding, and progress. They are the wellspring of action, a laboratory of human aspiration, a window to the future. They are a source of self-renewal, intellectual growth, and hope.
In this land and everywhere on earth, they are a medium of progress, autonomy, empowerment, independence, and self-determination.
--Neerav Bhatt

Supporting Music In Libraries:

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